Post Reviews

Thatthebee (Bankok)

Group of 5 girls from Thailand who normally backpacking by themselves. This is the first time we rent the car for the whole 7 day trips in North India: New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer. The price is not expensive comparing with both traveling by train yourselves or even with other company.;) Besides,We receive great organizing from Gopal(The owner) and kind service from Hanuman(The driver). Everything or every kind of style from local-like to full service I think they can manage what you ask for. We really enjoy Indian traditional and modern music and local restaurant you bring us there is super!

Prashant (New Delhi)

Nice tour and travel service - we had great tour of the Pink city and enjoyed this trip a lot - lovely trustworthy service.

Felippe (France)

If you are looking for a guide in Jaipur, the best company. He speaks fluently English, more than audio guides or only basic points, they really knows the history and explain more than a place he put you in contact with the real India! We spent two magical weeks there, was in elephants area, eating local foods with explanations, put us in contact with the culture and the religion. Don't try to fail your journey, choose the best with a excellent price!!!